Piraeus port map

Athens ports map. Piraeus port map (Greece) to print. Piraeus port map (Greece) to download. The largest and main port of Greece is Piraeus, about 10km south of central Athens (as its shown in piraeus port map). It is also the largest port in Greece. Most Greek ferries depart from Piraeus. The history of this port is ancient and it is the place where the Greek fleet was moored in ancient times. Although in the centuries that followed the port fell into disuse, in recent decades it has managed to become the third busiest port in the world, handling about 20 million passengers a year.
Piraeus ferry port is located about 14km south of central Athens and 35km west of the Athens International Airport (as its mentioned in piraeus port map). Piraeus is well-connected to central Athens and the airport via reliable metro, train, and bus service. Open space vanished, without provision for parks, playgrounds, or even schools, and Athens spread down to the sea by Glifádha, joining up with Piraeus. Piraeus itself was transformed from one of the world’s celebrated honky-tonk ports into a clean, newly built, flower-decorated city.
Piraeus Port Authority is transforming the Port of Piraeus, the chief port of Greece, through a series of expansion projects. The transformation is a part of a scheme for improvements to the infrastructure of the port. The port is the largest port in Greece and has passenger traffic of up to 20 million a year (see piraeus port map).