Athens tourist map

Tourist map of Athens greece. Athens tourist map (Greece) to print. Athens tourist map (Greece) to download. Athens, with its tall buildings and contemporary shops, is the first European city when approached from the Middle East (see Athens tourist map). When approached from the west, from elsewhere in Europe, what strikes the tourist is the influence of the East—in the food, music, and clamorous street life—perhaps vestiges of a time when Athens was divorced from European society under the yoke of Ottoman rule. Nevertheless, it is wrong to say that Athens is a mixture of East and West: it is Greek and, more particularly, Athenian.

Tourist map of Athens greece

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Once the heart of one of the most powerful civilizations in the Neolithic Age, Athens is dominated by colossal architectural feats of the ancient past, from the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus (as its mentioned in Athens tourist map). However, the neighborhoods and backstreets of Athens reveal a delightfully modern and laidback energy, with lively urban restaurants and edgy galleries, set against relics of a bygone era that attracts tourist. Those seeking respite from the bustle can take a stroll down athens gleaming coastline, with pristine waters and relaxing beach resorts.
Athens is the oldest new destination in Europe, a city for all seasons and a great place for tourist to visit and live. Explore the world-famous antiquities and cultural landmarks and discover athens vibrant contemporary side (see Athens tourist map). Walk around athens diverse neighbourhoods, explore the legendary nightlife, and enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year.