Athens central market map

Map of Athens central market. Athens central market map (Greece) to print. Athens central market map (Greece) to download. The Central Market or what the Athenians call the Dimotiki Agora or Varvakios Agora was built in 1886 (see Athens central market map). Actually what the Athenians call the Central Market is the place where the trucks come from all over and it is the wholesale market which is in between Athens and Pireaus and if you get in a taxi and say "Take me to the Central Market" you may end up there instead.

Map of Athens central market

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The Athens central market (Varvakios Agora) is a great place to save money on food (as its shown in Athens central market map). You will find halls of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits from all over Greece. The athens central market is open Monday through Saturday from about 08:00 to 18:00pm. This is a great place to buy meat, fish, vegetables, Greek spices and herbs, cheeses and sweets and to see how Athens is fed. Wear shoes as the floor may be a bit slippery, especially in the fish market.