Athens marathon map

Map of Athens marathon. Athens marathon map (Greece) to print. Athens marathon map (Greece) to download. The Authentic” gets underway on November 11, the runners of Athens marathon will be returning to the very origin of the event. This is where the history of the marathon race began with the legend of the Greek messenger, soldier and runner who is thought to have run from Marathon to Athens in 490 BCE to bring news of the victory in battle over the Persians. According to legend the messenger, once in Athens, collapsed and died (see Athens marathon map).

Map of Athens marathon

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The drama of this story was the basis for the Athens marathon race to be born at the first modern Olympic Games which took place in Athens in 1896. The race over 42.195km (as its shown in Athens marathon map) has had a decisive influence on the development of running throughout the world with many millions annually running in more than 1,000 marathons. In summary, the legendary run of 490 BC became an Olympic sporting event in 1896 and 122 years later has been developed into an enormous sport and social movement.