Attica map ancient greece

Attica Athens map. Attica map ancient greece (Greece) to print. Attica map ancient greece (Greece) to download. Athens is located within the Attica ancient greece Periphery which encompasses the most populated region of Greece with about 3.7 million people (see attica map ancient greece). The Attica ancient greece Periphery itself is split into four prefectures; they include the Athens Prefecture, Piraeus Prefecture, West Attica Prefecture, and the East Attica Prefecture. It is, however, one of the smaller peripheries in Greece with an area of 2,366 mi² (3,808km²).
Attica ancient greece is bordered to the north by Boeotia and Mount Parnes, reaching the sea to the west (Gulf of Corinth), in the south (Saronic Gulf) and to the east (Aegean Sea) as its mentioned in attica map ancient greece. Attica ancient greece is an elongated triangle, ending at Cape Sounion, formed by crystalline massifs (Pentelic) and by limestone ranges separated by alluvium-filled collapse plains. There is a nome of Attica whose chief town is Athens, but whose surface area and population exclude the capital and its suburbs.
As early as the Achean period, ancient Attica included a dozen independent towns, including Athens, Eleusis, Braurôn, Aphidna, etc. Around 750 B.C., Athens greece annexed Eleusis, and soon all of ancient Attica came under his rule. From then on, the history of ancient Attica became confused with that of Athens (see attica map ancient greece).