Psiri Athens map

Map of psiri Athens. Psiri Athens map (Greece) to print. Psiri Athens map (Greece) to download. Walk a few minutes north of Monastiraki and you will find yourself in Psiri (see psiri Athens map). Formerly run-down and forgotten, Psiri has become one of Athens most popular neighborhoods for younger travelers. Many of the psiri area of Athens abandoned warehouses and neglected homes have been transformed into trendy bars, bustling restaurants and jiving clubs.
The Psiri (Greek: Ψυρρή) neighborhood, Athens "meat packing district" (see psiri Athens map), features mainstream and trendy bars that make it a hotspot for Athens, and a number of live music restaurants called "rebetadika," after Rebetiko, a unique kind of music that blossomed in Syros and Athens from the 1920s till the 1960s. Rebetiko is admired by many; virtually every night rebetadika are crammed with people of all ages who will sing, dance and drink wine until dawn.