Patisia Athens map

Map of patisia Athens. Patisia Athens map (Greece) to print. Patisia Athens map (Greece) to download. The once prestigious districts of Kypseli and Patisia were living in the 50s and 60s an ineffable glory (see patisia Athens map). Patisia and Kypseli were built the most immovable buildings in Athens, real diamonds of architecture, and some of them still exist. It was class to live in lived in Kypseli and Patisia. Today, these athens neighborhoods are densely populated and seem to be abandoned, but this image is offset by the multi-culturalism of their inhabitants. In addition, Fokionos Negri Street is coming back into fashion in a dynamic way.

Map of patisia Athens

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This area of Athens is 20min ride or 40min bus from Athens center is super of the beaten track Was an aristocratic location back in the '50 has terracotta houses (see patisia Athens map). Patisia is a lovely neoclassical district of Athens, and is very quiet all though have good connection to Athens like buses, train (no metro).