Pagrati Athens map

Map of pagrati Athens. Pagrati Athens map (Greece) to print. Pagrati Athens map (Greece) to download. Mets and Pagrati are the only central neighborhoods outside the Acropolis immediate vicinity that have a historical atmosphere (see pagrati Athens map). Sitting east and southeast of the National Garden near the Panathenaic Stadium of Athens, both Mets and Pagrati are primarily residential but are home to several traditional restaurants.

Map of pagrati Athens

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Pagrati and Mets: Surrounding the reconstructed Athens Stadium known to the Greeks as Kallimarmaro (Beautiful Marble), where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896, you will find two lovely, lively residential areas with excellent dining and nightlife options (see pagrati Athens map). To the south of the stadium is the steep, beautiful street of Markou Mousourou, shaded by flowering trees, lined with neoclassical houses, and filled with the scent of jasmine and bougainvillea. To the south of the stadium is Pagrati, a residential area popular with those who can't afford Kolonaki.