Omonia Athens map

Map of omonia Athens . Omonia Athens map (Greece) to print. Omonia Athens map (Greece) to download. Not every district of Athens map is one you will want to visit and how you feel about Omonia really depends upon how urban you are. Omonia is modern Athens oldest public square and was once a showpiece of the city. But it has not been a showpiece for decades. It is a traffic-clogged, crowded, confusing and seedy place. If that really bothers you, skip Omonia. But some of Athens cheapest hotels are in omonia area and so, before you book one, it's a good idea to know what you are getting into.

Map of omonia Athens

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Many years back, Omonia square that is shown in omonia Athens map was renowned for its beauty and today, if you follow the stairs right to the metro station you can see photographs from the past. Unfortunately, the square of omonia Athens was one of the places that gradually became inapproachable due to the chaotic traffic. Still, it is an integral part of the city centre despite the present conditions.