Monastiraki Athens map

Map of monastiraki Athens . Monastiraki Athens map (Greece) to print. Monastiraki Athens map (Greece) to download. Monastiraki is yet another central district in Athens map with a completely different vibe than its neighbors. The heart of monastiraki Athens is its market — a flea market that operates every day where you can buy almost anything — clothes, jewelry, pottery, artwork, sweets, baked goods, electronics, antiques. Its narrow lanes are a constant blur of tourists and Athenians. On the northwest corner of Monastiraki is Psyrri, a trendy residential and entertainment neighborhood that is popular with young Athenians.

Map of monastiraki Athens

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Located at the foot of the northern zone of the Acropolis (as its shown in monastiraki Athens map), Monastiraki is one of the main commercial areas of the city. Here you can find all kinds of objects, second-hand clothes, CDs, books and antiques. The market of Monastiraki has some similarities with the souks. It is an area of narrow streets filled with small stores offering a variety of goods, where you can try your hand at haggling. This is where you can recognize the Turkish influence on Greek customs.