Kolonaki Athens map

Map of kolonaki Athens. Kolonaki Athens map (Greece) to print. Kolonaki Athens map (Greece) to download. Kolonaki as its shown in kolonaki Athens map is where well-heeled Athenians live, shop and dine. Since Greece economic troubles and disagreements with the EU several years ago, a few shops have closed and perhaps a few bistros have disappeared, but all the major global designer names plus exclusive Greek jewelers and designers are present kolonaki Athens. Art galleries, shoe shops, and boutiques are scattered across the side streets of kolonaki Athens.

Map of kolonaki Athens

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The kolonaki of Athens neighborhood map, which takes its name from a small column in the center of the neighborhood, occupies a privileged place in Athens, stretching from Syntagma Square to the foot of Mount Lycabetta. Kolonaki Athens is an area full of green spaces, characterized by its neoclassical and modernist style buildings, which give a majestic air to the neighborhood of kolonaki Athens.