Kifissia Athens map

Kifissia greece map. Kifissia Athens map (Greece) to print. Kifissia Athens map (Greece) to download. Kifissia is Athens most affluent northern suburb and parts of it may remind you of Palm Beach or Sarasota (as its mentioned in kifissia Athens map). Kifissia Athens is popular with families — who rent high-end villas like those offered by Villa Politia — and couples looking for quiet, romantic getaways. The center is noted for luxury fashion shopping and romantic, open-air restaurants. And given that it is a little way out of the center, kifissia Athens best hotels — like the 5-star, high concept Semiramis — are relatively reasonably priced.
Kifisia is a chic suburb north of Athens map, a trendy neighborhood among the golden youth. In kifissia Athens, few traces of the economic crisis. You will undoubtedly love the spacious sidewalks of kifissia Athens, the restaurants with world food-colored menus, the windows of the tempting fashion and design stores and the trendy bars and cafés with their neat decoration.