Exarchia Athens map

Map of exarchia Athens. Exarchia Athens map (Greece) to print. Exarchia Athens map (Greece) to download. Exarchia used to be a magnet for writers, poets, artists, and musicians in Athens. But unlike other areas in Athens map where bohemianism ultimately results in gentrification, Exarchia has remained a gritty and authentic district. It is covered in graffiti, ringing with political dissent and popular with students of an anarchist bent. It is the unconventional center of alternative culture and intellectual argument. Exarchia Athens is also the location of what is arguably Greece finest museum, the National Archaeological Museum.

Map of exarchia Athens

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Exarchia in Athens map is an area to look for restaurants and underground bars with live music, ranging from traditional Greek bazouki music or its urban equivalent, rebetika, to whatever sort of music is trendy at the moment. Tagged streets, cosy cafés next to migrant squats or drug niches in exarchia Athens : the rebel neighborhood of Exarchia, where police raids have multiplied recently, wants to keep its historical identity as a "place for the exchange of ideas".