Athens neighborhoods map

Map of Athens greece neighborhoods. Athens neighborhoods map (Greece) to print. Athens neighborhoods map (Greece) to download. Think of Athens, and the first thing that comes to mind for most visitors is the Acropolis topped by the Parthenon. The Athens icon is hard to escape as you can see it from almost everywhere in the city, but Athens is actually a collection of colorful, lively neighborhoods to explore (see Athens neighborhoods map).

Map of Athens greece neighborhoods

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When in Athens the desirable neighborhoods to stay in are the Plaka, Makrianni, Koukaki, Thission, Syntagma and Monastiraki (as its shown in Athens neighborhoods map). These all border the Acropolis and the archaeological park around it. Everything you need including shops, restaurants, the metro to the ferries, buses, taxis and nightlife is within walking distance. When you are in Athens, it is like being on a peaceful island.
Athens is a big city that is a collection of many different neighborhoods (see Athens neighborhoods map), each with its own distinctive flair. There are plenty of the neighborhoods that await you. If you have the time, why not just stroll, get lost, and be pleasantly surprised when you discover that you are on a street where almost all of the shops sell only icons or sugared almonds, or where there is a little park with a bench where you can sit and watch the world go by.