Athens city center map

Athens greece city center map. Athens city center map (Greece) to print. Athens city center map (Greece) to download. Athens city center is home to 148 theatrical stages, more than any other European city. In addition to a large number of multiplexes, Athens features many romantic, open air garden cinemas. Athens city center also has a vast number of music venues including the Athens Concert Hall known as the "Megaron Moussikis" that attracts world-famous artists all year round. The relatively recent and rapid redevelopment of many areas in central Athens (see Athens city center map) has brought the city center back into the limelight.

Athens greece city center map

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Athens city center, completely redesigned in the 19th century by architects from Western Europe, corresponds to a triangle whose base, dominated to the south by the Acropolis (see Athens city center map), is marked by Ermoú Street, from Ceramics to Sýndaghma Square (Constitution Square), and whose apex is marked by Omónia Square.
The various urban functions are gathered in Athens city center and are constantly animated: banks, the central post office, administrations and ministerial services, businesses (hotels and department stores) are grouped together near Omónia (see Athens city center map); the central halls, pharmacies and warehouses dedicated to semi-wholesale trade, repair shops are held in the vicinity of the two railway stations and Athinás Street; luxury stores are particularly dense in the Kolonáki district, to the east, which overlooks the Lycabette Hill.