Athens ruins map

Map of Athens ruins. Athens ruins map (Greece) to print. Athens ruins map (Greece) to download. One of the most amazing things about visiting Greece, especially Athens, is that you can literally stumble over ancient ruins. Small blocks of marble might be the foundation from an ancient temple or home (see Athens ruins map); stand-alone columns are all that remain of a building built over 2,000 years ago, tiny fragments of frescoes offer a glimpse into life of the ancient Athenians.
Though only a few columns remain, the sheer size of those columns left standing gives visitors a very clear picture of just how impressive the Temple or ruins of Olympian Zeus once was (see Athens ruins map). The construction of Athens ruins began in the 6th century BC and it was designed to be the greatest temple in the ancient world. Like most great construction projects of the ancient world, the temple took hundreds of years to finish.