Athens attractions map

Athens greece attractions map. Athens attractions map (Greece) to print. Athens attractions map (Greece) to download. The well-sited but very plain palace, a large garden square one of Athens best attractions, Síntagma (Constitution) Square, was laid out. Today it is garnished in the tourist season with some of Europe most luxurious cafe chairs, and at all seasons it is hemmed in by tall new buildings and elderly luxury hotels. Athenians are extremely proud of their museums (see Athens attractions map) and an average family Sunday outing will probably include a visit, giving pleasure to both parents and children.

Athens greece attractions map

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The palace garden one of Athens fascinated attractions, almost touched the Arch of Hadrian and the 15 mammoth columns (some of them 7 feet 10 inches in diameter) of the temple of Olympian Zeus, last of the Classical buildings built in Athens, and beyond lay empty fields. The slopes of Mount Likavittós (as its mentioned in Athens attractions map), outside the town limits, were still pine-clad. Since then the garden has become one of the painfully rare public parks in Athens.
Kerameikos, one of Athens bes attractions site that was uncovered in 1861 during the construction of Pireos St; it once sat on the clay-rich banks of the Iridanos River. This lush, tranquil site of Athens is named for the potters who settled it around 3000 BC. It was used as a cemetery through the 6th century AD (see Athens attractions map). The grave markers give a sense of ancient life; numerous marble stelae (grave markers) are carved with vivid portraits and familiar scenes.